WordPress mode for Coda released

WordPress + Coda

I originally used Radiant CMS to manage the content on my site but after I ran into a wall trying to get blog functionality to work, and more importantly since it was over-taxing my 256 MB slice, I decided to switch to WordPress.

Developing a site layout with WordPress on Coda turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. While the local previews might not work, it was easy enough to publish and preview changes on a test deployment while Radiant kept running. The only thing I wish I had at the time was autocompletion of WordPress functions so I decided to write a Mode for WordPress now that I had some spare time.

With autocompletion from my Mode and the Coda Clips from WPCandy.com, working on my site is much more streamlined. Download your own copy at WordPress.mode

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  • awesome :) been looking for this for a while! glad I stumbled upon it.

  • Thanks for sharing the reference link.

  • DarcyKitchin

    I think I need to upgrade in order to be able to use Wordpress with Coda but after reading your review I think it's worth the hassle.
    Darcy Kitchin @ Domain names

  • website builder

    Although this is new to me it looks pretty interesting.

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